Alef-Bet Hebrew Letter Primer is a simple, yet comprehensive beginning for all ages interested in learning to read Hebrew. This board book is uniquely designed to teach the modern Hebrew alphabet letters by character, name, letter sound, and their visual discrimination through mnemonics. Alef-Bet Hebrew Letter Primer utilizes over 20 years of effective teaching experience to craft a fun and engaging way to learn Hebrew while maintaining a keen sensitivity to the different learning styles of all ages.

Alef-Bet Hebrew Letter Tracing Book is a reusable resource that helps you learn the steps to form and trace the modern Hebrew alphabet letters accurately using a dry erase marker or crayon. It also offers generous space to independently print the letters and practice writing the Hebrew vowels. Each letter is incorporated in an illustration to help remember the shape through the mnemonics originating from the Alef-Bet Hebrew Letter Primer companion book.